About Us

Swiss Army Marketing is a team of marketing professionals who approach marketing a little differently. We don’t want to be the best at just one thing. We want to have our fingers in every pie that’s available! 

Our team is made up of a rare group of individuals who are equal parts creative an analytical. We love creating captivating ads and websites, and also analysing the data behind it to optimize everything. 

With a collective passion in helping businesses grow, we know it’s a tough market out there. Especially for businesses just getting started with marketing. Which is why we’ve come up with the incentive based marketing structure. We believe it’s the way it should be done to benefit everyone. 

We know small businesses can’t afford a whole marketing team of experts in individual fields straight off the bat. And because our skills cross over multiple marketing fields, we can help small businesses scale their profits in a sustainable way. 

Swiss Army Marketing is very confident in our marketing skills. Which is why we are happy to take a low base rate at the start and scale with your business as it grows. When we’ve got your business to the point where you can afford a full marketing team. But we are equally just as happy to keep growing your business with you. Because we know we will always be more affordable than a full marketing team. 

Swiss Army Marketing is proud to have worked with government organizations, as well as businesses all across the world in a range of different industries. Our incentive based marketing structure has given many small businesses a chance to break into their field and realize their potential. Many found that marketing wasn’t an option for them due to the costs. Which is why we are so happy to be able to provide a service that gives the little guys a change, and helps turn the small fries into the big guys.